Land people > Harvest



Latex with acrylic on acetate, 70x50

Series: People of the land

These drawings, which I have been carrying during this journey around my Land, they might be a hundred, one dozen more, one dozen less, are some of those I did during the las few years while touring the neighborerhoods of our land: pilgrimages, festivals, fairs, farm work, the docks, streets and alleys. I showed them in exhibitions in: Pontevedra, Marín, Ourense...They refer to men and some of them, rather few, to the scenery, maybe in another occasion, pazos, stone crosses and the sea… As if it was a catalog, I would like to mention them one by one, by name, but I can just generalize the topics. They are: off shore people, fishing, fishmongers, weeping, mournig, orphans, widows, working nights, racús, dornas and chalanas [traditional Galician boats], pious people, devout people, offered, processions, holidays and days for praying, inland farmworkers, hoeworkers, pick and spade workers, girls featuring old look, old counselors, men who talk to themselves, grandmothers, mothers, children, gypsies and little gypsies, young people who leave, charmed insane people, bagpipers, entertainment… Hours, days and years of a daily life around us, although some people, for being too busy, do not appreciate them.

Xosé Conde Corbal.