1951 - 1960 > Manuel from Meloxo

Manuel from Meloxo

Manuel from Meloxo

Guache/papel, 65x50, 1959

He is a magnificent portrait artist of people close to him, people who are well-known in the community, and also anonymous figures that the observer does not know, unknown people that, in the painting, get the same vital dignity as the ones that we recognize. Once again, the artist highlights the value of the painting as a social element in the field of the popular culture and the people that he portrays always belong to the same typology: sea people, farm workers, young boys and young girls...they are an example of the main characters in different sceneries and contexts in a real or an invented ethnography, through which Conde Corbal gets into the feelings, wishes and hopes of the characters and he is able to undress the soul and to create an accurate X-ray of the Galician maritime-rural reality.

Antón Castro

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