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Praza Maior

Praza Maior

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Series: The enduring Ourense

THE MAIN SQUARE has not been lost yet. From the puppets to the swearing of the Constitucions, from Carnivals to Holy Week, it was the heart of the life of the city of Ourense. Today it still offers us some arcades to walk in peace and silence, which is perhaps the best that Ourense can offer us.

Vicente Risco

MAIN SQUARE.- It was called Field Square or simply Field, Main Square, Constitution Square and Royal Square. In it, at the end of the 15th century and the beginning of the 16th century, the town hall or consistory was built. The dances and comedies of the Corpus Christi festivals, the jousts and ring games and even the bullfights took place. Today, as in the past, the clothing stores dominate and booksellers maintain their shelves, although the pede lento of the gentlemen with canes and top hats through the spur and the arcades is no longer seen.

Ferro Couselo

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