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The Devil Kidnaps the Earth

The Devil Kidnaps the Earth

Latex with acrylic on acetate, 60x40

Vicente Risco in his work (V. Risco's work)

1947: The devil kidnaps the Earth, according to Satan, story of the devil.

"It is curious that Cain, the fratricide, had been the founder of the first city. Since then, many times, the founding of a city is linked to a crime, including fratricide, as happened with the city of Romulus. The most famous city in the world also has a fratricide at the beginning of its history. Rome subsists on the blood of Remus shed by his brother, and this is probably what makes it "eternal." Fratricide is the crime demanded by the devil to allow the city to subsist".

(SATAN, STORY OF THE DEVIL. Portuguese version of Porto Editoria, 1958. Published in Madrid in 1947 with the title SATAN, DEVIL'S BIOGRAPHY and a second edition was printed en Barcelona in 1956).