Publications and forewords


Prologue: Carlos Casares

THERE ARE NO SILENT PEOPLE, but suffocated words. And if a nation runs out of words, they will probably run out of freedom. Therefore, the role of any artist, a basically releasing role, is to save the words that are lost within the silence. But, in order to rescue these words, the artist has to feel the village, has to melt with it, and has to listen closely to the self-controlled cry, which is not heard in the distance, that becomes a murmur.

Pepe Conde Corbal has just made this pilgrimage through the land of silence. He has just talked to the people of his village. And he brings these drawings which are nothing more than rescued words, saved words for all of us, voices of a culture that refuses to die.

Here we have, then, Conde Corbal who became, thanks to his honesty and loyalty to a land, the voice of those who do not speak, with the polish cry of silent people. That is his greatest glory, and this is also the clearest expression of his talent.