1981 - 1990 > At trawing

At trawing

At trawing

Acrylic/on board, 120x80, 1984

...his paintings, which are brightened with the warmness of the brilliant acrylic, with the presence of the red or the yellow colour, with the aggresiveness of the orange colour or the harmonious reason that involves the use of the blue colour. The distortion that suggest cries and restlessness, the total movement of the figures and the lines in the horizon are the main characters in his compositions, the product of an attitude towards life that has transformed the expressionist inheritance of the old ancestors, from the popular stonemasons to those who carved the Romanesque tympanus or the Baroque altarpieces. Anyway, Conde Corbal suggest a testimonial portrait of Galicia from a plastic freedom without limits.

Antón Castro

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