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Os Remedios

Os Remedios

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THE VIRGIN MARY protects us on all kinds of occasions. But she is a very special protector of the best in the world, that is, the walkers. That is why she is at the entrance and exit of Ourense. This capel is where, entering Ourense through the Main Bridge, you have to take off your hat and pray a Hail. There is the little window from which, at any time, one can approach to pray the Novena. There is the chapel that will last as long as Ourense lasts.

Vicente Risco

LOS REMEDIOS.- Ourense, was once surrounded by authentic hermitages with their hermits: that of Pía da Casca or Las Mercedes; that of Portovello; that of Mende; that of San Nicolás, on the other side of the bridge; that of Posío and some more. And even Santa María Madre had her hermit or blessed. But none achieved the fame and survival of the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Puente or los Remedios. Founded in 1522 by the Ourense nobleman Don Francisco Méndez in the field that, according to legend, was called Desafío, it had a grandson of the founder, Don Alonso Méndez Montoto, as a hermit for many years, who, after a disolute life, like another Mañara, he turned his house on Rúa da Obra into a hospital and devoted himself here to devotion and penance. After Christ, there has been no other more popular devotion in Ourense. The processions of penitents started from Christ to end in Los Remedios, and even today the Novena and the titular festival bring together numeorus people.

Ferro Couselo

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