The enduring Ourense > The small square of A Madalena

The small square of A Madalena

The small square of A Madalena

Ink/paper, 16x11

Series: The enduring Ourense.

PERHAPS IT IS the best corner of Ourense. At least it is a corner that turned out well. Without a doubt, because it already was, and it was better that way. There is peace there, cars do not enter there, there is that true peace, which has nothing to do with war, neither for better nor for worse, the peace that is linked to what is truly much peace, that it found refuge there the Stone Cross, the “Stone Cross” of Ourense, when they took away its Mall….Peace is now here, in its presence.

Vicencte Risco

THE SMALL SQUARE OF A MADALENA.- I don’t know if it is the best corner of Ourense. Maybe there are opinions. Mr. Risco will figure it out over there. For me, without a doubt, the mos evocative and solitary, which is a lot and even a lot. You can no longer hear the bustle of the Grammar students, who demanded Saint Jerome and called Virgil a pagan, nor the prayers before the burials in the cementery, nor the shouts of the saleswomen hawking their vegetables. The Christ imposes peace and silence.

Ferro Couselo

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