32 Guaches,  Liceo Recreo Ourensán, Ourense.


Landscapes and portraits, Velázquez Room, Vigo.
Landscapes of de Arousa estuary and Pontevedra, 22 Gouaches, City
Hall Council of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.
Hall of Santiago tourist office, Santiago de Compostela.


20 Guaches and drawings, Liceo Recreo Ourensán, Ourense.
The sea, the peoples, the land and the cow, Youth art room, Ourense.
Guaches and drawings, Art room La Troya, Ourense.


40 Watercolors of Enduring Ourense, Romanesque cloister of the Archeological Museum of Ourense, Ourense.


Pontevedra Raxó y Ourense, Council of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.
The Enduring Pontevedra, Gallery of the Institute of secondary education of
Óil, guaches and drawings, Municipal savings Bank of Vigo, Vigo.


Conde Corbal Exhibition XLI, Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.


Conde Corbal 25 watercolors, Vigo saving Bank. Vigo.
Casino of La Estrada, La Estrada, Pontevedra.
Hall of Ateneo of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.

Conde Corbal 14 drawings, Ethnography in the work of Valle-Inclán, International Colloquium of Ethnography of Póvoa do Varzim, Portugal.


Conde Corbal 30 watercolors, Topics: The Poor, Faith, The Works, the Food, the feeling, Mother, Portraits. Group room Santa Cecilia,Marín.
Ourense Archeological Museum of Ourens, Ourense.
Cultural Society, Vigo.
Tavern Las Tinajas, A Coruña.
Bar cofee shop A Gaiola, Santiago de Compostela.
Tavern Yuma, Lugo.


Drawings and Guaches, Topics: Faith, Of love and death (Valle-Inclán) and Men and women of today, Sala Toison, Madrid.


Drawings and paintings, Provincial Archeological Museum of Ourense, Ourense.
Hall of Information and Tourist of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.


Conde Corbal 28 Drawings, Hall of Cultural association Cultural, Vigo.
Drawings and paintings of people of the sea, Municipal Saving Bank of Vigo, Vigo.


Graphic work. Valle-Inclán, 32 Engravings, Topics: Love obsessions in the Barbarian Comedies. Romanesque cloister of the museum of Ourense, Ourense.
Graphic work. Valle-Inclán, 40 Engravings, Topics: Love obsessions in the Barbarian Comedies and Galician Etnography in Valle Inclán, exhibition hall of the Council of A Estrada, Pontevedra.


Graphic work.Valle-Inclán, Topics: Bohemian Lights (6 Engravings), Of love and Death (12 Engravings) and Galician Etnography (6 engravings)
Rutgers Student Center, New Jersey, USA.
Cultural association  Abrente, Ribadavia, Ourense.
Engravings on the work of Ramón Del Valle-Inclán, Bradley Hall 118, Graduate Scholl Gallery, USA.


Graphic work.Valle-Inclán, Ribadavia, Ourense.
Graphic work.Valle-Inclán, Sala Intar Gallery, New York.


Conde Corbal. Engravings, Topics: Of Old Ourense, Of the landscape in the sea, Women in the canning, People and The Dorna and those who live from it,Athenaeum Hall of Ourense, Ourense.


Conde Corbal, 75-76 Painting (Acrylic on table) 26 Acrylics,
Athenaeum Hall of Ourense, Ourense.
In Search of Galician Fauna, Galician Birds I,
Athenaeum Hall of Ourense, Ourense.



Some Portraits of Writers from Ourense, Provincial Archeological Museum of Ourense, Ourense.


The Dorna a Marine Vessel, Provincial Archeological Museum of Ourense,


Week of Galician Letters. Portraits of the members of the Nos Generation, Institute of Xunqueira and Institute Sanchez Cantón, Pontevedra.


Engravings, Series: The Dorna and those who live from it, People of the sea of Vigo, Woman in the canning, The Dock, Fhishes and Seafoods and FishingArts, Organized by Provincincial Saving Bank of Pontevedra and rovincial Council of Pontevedra, Taveling throght the different municipalities of the Province of Pontevedra.


Vicente Risco and his time, Fernández López Building Hall, Pontevedra Museum, Pontevedra.


Conde Corbal. Painting, 27 playworks, Athenaeum Hall of Ourense, Ourense.
Engravings on the work of Ramón del Valle-Inclán, 24 Engravings, International University of Menéndez Pelayo, Fernández López Building, Pontevedra Museum, Pontevedra.


Vicente Risco and his time, Vigo.


Ourense in Pontevedra, Provincial Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.


Graphic Work.Valle-Inclán, Padre Sarmiento Building, Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra


The Fardel of war, Engravings, Museum of Pontevedra, Pontevedra.
Museum of the Galician People, Santiago de Compostela.


Camellia 88, House of Cultura of Vilagarcía de Arousa.
Erotic Series, Bar Copa T, Vilagarcía de Arousa.


Engravings on the work of Ramón del Valle-Inclán, Town Hall of Vilanova de Arousa.
Conde Corbal, Anthological, Municipal Museum of Ourense, Itinerant in 1990 to Hall of Exhibitions Caixa Galicia Foundation, A Coruña.
Circle of Arts, Lugo.
Museum of the Galician People, Santiago.
Padre Sarmiento Museum, Pontevedra.



Marine Fauna, House of Culture and Liceum Maritim, Vilagarcia de Arousa, Pontevedra.
Mural Exhibition Down of Glory in Pórticos, Vilagarcia de Arousa, Pontevedra.


Conde Corbal Exhibition, House of Culture of Redondela.


Memory of a town, Municipal Museum of Ourense.
Galicia and the Miño, Soutomayor Castle, Pontevedra.
Liceum Maritim, House of Culture and Casino of Vilagarcía de Arousa.


The Dorna. Tribute to Xocas, Exhibition in Savings Bank of Pontevedra, Volter Gallery, Ourense.


The Sea, Hall of the Ourense Athenaeum, Ourense.


Conde Corbal. The sea of Grove, CIPES Exhibition Hall of Moreiras, O Grove, Pontevedra.


Centenary Conde Corbal, Exhibition of 35 engravings of O Fardel da Guerra in the hall of the Provincial Council of Pontevedra, which will later be exhibited in schools and town halls of the province of Pontevedra.
The Corbal in the sea of Arousa, Engravings, Espazo Torrado Exhibition Hall, Cambados, Pontevedra.